GO4IT in Spain

The implementation of the Go4It programme has been an exciting experience that has resulted to be fantastic.

The Go4It programme was implemented in Spain in the Period 8th of April to 21st of May 2015 in Madrid with a total of 11 Sessions. 

A total of 17 women have benefited by the total or part of the programme and 7 different facilitators have participated in the delivery of the different modules. 


8th April

Intro to programme & Mentoring Circle™ 

Facilitators: Isabel Contreras and Gemma Puertas


21st of April

Mentoring Circle™

Facilitators: Birute Velykiene, Vygandas Rutkauskas


9th of April

Business Strategy I 

(Sessión including a master class on Bussiness Strategy by Lyn Batchelor and Marina Larios)

Facilitators: Isabel Contreras, Gemma Puertas, Lyn Batchelor and Marina Larios


15th April

Business strategy II

Facilitators: Isabel Contreras and Gemma Puertas


16th April

Product Development I 

Facilitators: Isabel Contreras and Gemma Puertas


22th April

Product Development II 

Facilitators: Isabel Contreras and Gemma Puertas


23th April


Facilitator: Paz Pérez


29th April

Mentoring Circle™ 

Including a joint meeting with participants in Iceland on Skype.

Facilitator: Isabel Contreras


6th May

Accountancy and Finan 

Facilitator: Roberto Martín


7th May


Facilitator: Ignacio Bartolomé


20th May 

Social Media I

Facilitators: Isabel Contreras and Gemma Puertas


21th May

Social Media II

Facilitators: Isabel Contreras and Gemma Puertas


21th May 

Mentoring Circle™ 

Facilitator: Isabel Contreras


Some Quotes from participants:

“Thanks to GO4IT programme I have learnt and shared with the group, I have confirmed that my actions are in the good direction”

“Without any doubt I have improved a lot my presentation skills”

“This kind of initiatives are very important for female entrepreneurs. It is essential to repeat the mentoring sessions with more groups”

“It helps you to take the step to enterprise with the necessary knowledge about what it really means “

“I am delighted with the sincere friendship generated within the group”

“I am very happy to have taken part in this initiative. I thought I was not going to be selected and it was a wonderful surprise. I am very grateful for this opportunity to test myself. You stay that way! Thank you!! “

“I would like to thank the facilitators and the organization for promoting entrepreneurship and the participation in the different workshops of this programme”

“This type of programmes are totally necessary since allow you to get out of your daily routine and share worries and see other perspectives and point s of view of women who are in the same or very similar situation”

“The programme helped me to gain self-confidence and to better planning my business project “

“ There is a need to organize more similar courses”

From the verbal comments that they did during the last session, we understand that they mainly valued how practical the course was and the fact of having the possibility to refer all the different exercises to their own business so they could analyse it in depth during the different workshops and for very different aspects.

They also appreciated the opportunity of talking freely and in confidence to other women in their similar situation and to “experts” in the different topics about their worries about the business. There are no similar programmes available in which they have this possibility. 

In some way they felt that they were the real protagonists during the sessions and they were really grateful for that because they have used to comply with legal requirements, bureaucracy that is imposed, but they can never speak loudly about their problems, their worries, their ideas or their dreams.

Some photos of the programme development.






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