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Diabetes - Do not take it carelessly

Diabetes - Do not take it carelessly
So, you got diagnosed with diabetes. Firstly, you were in a shock to admit that you get hit by the metabolic disorder when you were not even in our late thirties. Slowly, you started accepting the fact that this disorder will stay with you till you take your last breath. A diet chart was made and you hit the gym again to lose that stubborn belly fat which your doctor warned you about. You read that entire article range aiming at how diabetes can affect your blood vessels and nervous system. How it will give you diabetes foot if you ignore it for a longer period of time. But do you know that diabetes can also make you impotent? Breathe in. It is one of the common complications of the metabolic disorder.
An increase in the blood glucose level indicates diabetes. It happens when the insulin produced by the pancreas gland is insufficient in amount or it is produced in a good amount but it is inactive over the glucose molecules. In both the cases, you suffer from high level of blood glucose levels which in turn play havoc with your bodily functions. The glucose does not get converted into energy and that makes you feel exhausted all the time. Moreover, the brain misunderstands this process and asks your body to get in more and more carbohydrates. Therefore, a diabetic always finds himself craving for food and water.
There is no cure for diabetes and that is why it is crucial to keep the blood glucose levels at a normal range. If there is abnormal hike in the blood glucose level for a longer period of time, you may suffer from complications such as damaged blood vessels and nerves. You must be thinking how it is related to erectile issues.
Erection process is entirely dependent on the health of the blood vessels and the nerves. Nerves are responsible for the transmission of the signal to and from the brain while blood vessels carry enough amount of blood to the male organ. When any of these two gets affected or damaged, erection process gets to a halt and one experiences erectile dysfunction. This is how diabetes is linked with erection difficulties.
People with diabetes need to look after their diet and exercise regimen. The aim should be maintaining a normal level of blood glucose so that the complications can be prevented. One also has to take care of his sexual health especially when he is dealing with diabetes. It would be a stupidity to rule out the chance of getting an erection issues when diabetes has take over. When you find out that you have started developing erection issues, you need to visit your doctor at the earliest. Erection issues can be treated with Sildenafil citrate or other medications. However, it is important to follow the instructions given by your health care provider.

Diabetes can knock you down when you least expect it. But do have the courage to get up and keep fighting.
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