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    Driven by my passion for contributing to paradigm shifts, I have the audacious goal of using her courage, “inconformist spirit”, “out-of-box” thinking and determination to create businesses that have a major positive economic, environmental and social impact.

    Entrepreneur by essence, I dedicate the majority of her time on managing eco-social businesses that were founded by her, using her broad-based experience in Strategy, Project Management and New Business Development acquired during the several years that I worked on corporate jobs.

    I also worked as a volunteer on a non-profit organisations regarding sustainable communities and climate change issues and also young people empowerment.

    I love to read, write and speak about themes she is passionate about it: Social and Eco-innovation, Sustainability & Climate Change, Health and Wellness, Conscious businesses, Leadership of Service, Women Leadership and People Empowerment.

    I am inspired by her travelings, contact with nature and role models that act according to her values.

    Her major aspiration is to inspire women, mainly young women, to become the best version of themselves by cultivating their self-worth and meaning in life towards a conscious and sustainable development.
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