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This is a space where trainers can share their experiences and thoughts with regard to the delivery of our business support programmes aimed at fempreneurs

It is a great opportunity for you as a trainer, facilitator or organisation interested in the support of fempreneurs to belong to an active community.

Meet our Trainers



Katrín María Andrésdóttir – Marketing

KatrínMaríagraduated as paramedic/assistant nurse in 1988 and later completed her BS degree in business administration from the University of Akureyri and is now completing a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Iceland in Reykjavik.

Her work experience includes the Icelandic Red Cross, the Union of Local Authorities as a business consultant and directing manager. She has also taught at the Vocational School of Northwest Iceland and at the University of Hólar in Skagafjörður. In the beginning of 2015 she started work as a General Manager for the Association of Horticultural Producers in Iceland.


Guðrún Lilja – Product Development

Guðrún Lilja Gunnlaugsdóttir has an MPM from the Reykjavík University and BA in product design from the Design Academi Eindhoven and graduated in carpentry from the Technical College in Reykjavík. From 2005 Guðrún has operated the design company Studiobility, founded the brand Bility and worked on various projects for international and domestic customers. She has developed and directed seminars in the Icelandic Academy of Arts, held lectures and been an examiner both domestically and internationally. Literature reviews of her work have beed published around the world in books, magazined and on websites that discuss trends in design.


Einar Th. Eyjólfsson

Einar Th. Eyjólfsson completed physical education from KHI in 1999. In 2003 he completed BS in Businesss administration at the University of Bifröst and two years later he completed his MA degree from the same school. He has worked at the Association of Municipalities in the West since 2011, and has worked as a business consultant in Arion Bank. Since 2010 he has taught finance at the seminar Powering Women at Bifröst University.



Geirlaug Jóhannsdóttir

Geirlaug Jóhannsdóttir is an adjunct at the business department of the University of Bifröst. She has a BS degree in Business Administration from the University of Bifrost and an MBA with a focus on human resource management from the University of Reykjavik. She worked as a project manager for a pilot project to raise the level of education in the Northwest during the period 2013-2015 for the University. Geirlaug served as director of the continuing education department at the University of Bifröst during 2005-2013. She has managed the programs Diploma in retail management, Empowering women, Stronger administration and Management and cooperation in tourism. From 1999-2004 she worked as Director of Education, Alcan Iceland.


BragiÞórAntoníusson – Social media

BragiÞórAntoníusson studied philosophy, economics and political science at Bifröst University and is currently writing his Msc thesis in Marketing and International business at the University of Iceland where he received the highest score for marketing on the internet. He has worked as a marketing specialis and has produced both television and radio advertisements. Today he is a consultant in the marketing company Kapall but the company specializes in marketing consultation for companies. He has worked at projects in business strategy, marketing online and on social media for many brands in Iceland.


VilmarPétursson – Business Strategy

VilmarPétursson has a M.Sc. in Euromanagement from the Norwegian School of Management in Norway. He also has a BA degree in Sociology and a Certification in Social work from the University of Iceland. He has lectured at the University of Iceland, worked as a consultant at Capacent and has been a project manager for European projects at the Federation of Icelandic Industries and has also worked as a social worker. He has worked for the Directorate of Labour since 2013.



Ásdís Guðmundsdóttir – Mentoring Circles

Ásdís Guðmundsdóttir has a BA in Sociology and Mass Media from the University of Iceland, and aMsc in Management from Bifröst University. She also has a MA degree in International Management from the EAE business school in Barcelona. She has worked for the labor offices in Skagafjörður, taught sociology in the Northwest College in Sauðárkrókur and worked as a student counsellor. She has also taught various courses for the Lifelong Educational Center in Sauðárkrókur, such as English and Empowerment classes. She is a project manager at the Directorate of Labour, and manages several projects linked to entrepreneurships, specifically for women. Those include Grants for women entrepreneurs, Svanni-loand guarantee fund for women and Development of Business Ideas for unemployed people. She is the project manager for the Female project.

Guðrún Stella Gissurardóttir – Mentoring Circles

Guðrún Stella is a teacher and an educational and a carrier counsellor (2004) from the University of Iceland and is completing a Master´s programme in a carrier guidance. She has also completed a further education in Educational Management (2004) from the University of Iceland, a two years university program in Adult education from NFA and Roskilde University Centre (1998) and a one year program in CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (2009). She also studied laws for two years in University of Iceland. Her work experience is mostly in teaching, counselling and management. She has been a teacher and a principal in a primary and secondary school and taught in the field of Adult Education (Lll) and as a guest lecturer at the University in the field of carrier counselling. Since 1998 Guðrún has been a manager at the Directorate of Labour in the Westfjords, Iceland. She is also a funder of her own company in the field of cultural tourism (Þuríðursundafyllirehf) and is running a tourist accommodation with her family. She is also a social entrepreneur and has worked on establishment or established several projects, associations and firms in cooperation with others like Atvest, The Economic Development Agency for the Westfjords region, Iceland, The Multicultural Centre in Iceland, AT-konur, an institute working in strengthening women to become entrepreneurs, Association for Principals in the Westfjords, A University Centre in the Westfjords, A Rehabilitation Centre, The Adult Educational Centre in the Westfjords, A political party MMM (a Womens list) for the Municipality lections etc and has a long experience in the social level and is now in the board for the Municipality Bolungarvík among other social work. Guðrún has a good experience in European based projects, both as a leader and a participant. In the year 2000 she was rewarded with Auður í kraftikvenna (Wealth in the power of woman) as a social entrepreneur.



Mentoring Circles: Marina Larios

Marina Larios (BA, MSc OD, MA Comm FRSA PGDipl ) has 17 years of experience delivering and managing mentoring programmes internationally. Marina was a core developer of the Mentoring Circle™ methodology and has extensive experience in facilitating Mentoring Circles™ for women starting up and developing their businesses and has specialist experience of working with individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds and ethnic minority groups. Marina is an experienced trainer in the field of business start up and has extensive knowledge of training needs analysis and assessment required for the development of training materials and programmes.


Social Media Workshop: Carolyn Usher

Carolyn Usher (BA, MA) is a Project Co-ordinator for a variety of Inova's projects in the UK and internationally. Carolyn has specialist knowledge of European marketing methods specialising in the use of social media. As well as a keen user of social media on a personal basis she also runs social media accounts for three businesses and offers one-to-one coaching for small businesses. Carolyn also offers social media workshops like the one for the Female project.



Business Strategy: Lyn Batchelor

Lyn is an enterprise educator encouraging students, colleagues and the community to be enterprising as founders, freelancers, consultants and employees.
She inspires people to think through their business ideas using the Business Model Canvas and her business bootcamps and verbal business card sessions leave lasting impressions on those who take part.
As a member of the management group of the Higher Education Entrepreneurship Group (HEEG), Lyn is involved with enterprise workshops and conferences in South East England. She regularly presents at the International Entrepreneurship Educators Conference (IEEC) and unashamedly borrows the great ideas showcased there to share with colleagues and students.
She also delivers bootcamps on the WSCC Be the Business Programme, as well as for the Business Hot House Programme funded by the Regional Growth Fund.


Vaiva Kelmelyte / Introduction to GO4IT Programme

Vaiva Kelmelyte has master degree in Management and Business administration. V. Kelmelyte has been working in Kaunas Science and Technology Park focusing on management on international projects, organising and delivering training courses in innovation and knowledge management field, consulting firms and implementing national and international dissemination activities.



Birutė Velykienė / Mentoring Circle™

Birutė Velykienė is a chemist and engineer and also the master of management sciences (Kaunas University of Technology). She has 20 years of experience in business consulting and preparing and implementing international projects. Her coaching experience includes:

  • 2012: the EU training courses according to the Coaching Programme (40 academic hours).
  • 2013: training courses on Situational Personnel Management through Adjustment to Different Behavioural Types (40 academic hours)
  • 2013: the EU Training Programme for Coaching Specialists (112 academic hours)
  • 2014: the EU training courses on Cross Border Business Coaching (98 academic hours)
  • 2014: the ICF ACSTH Programme LEADER AS A COACH (96 academic hours)
  • 2014: the Programme: The Licensed Practitioner of NLP /Dr. Richard Bandler and the Society of NLP/
  • 2014: NLP Coach Master /The International Coach & Trainer Association/ (120 academic hours)


Vygandas Rutkauskas / Mentoring Circle™, Business Strategy

Vygandas Rutkauskas holds a master’s degree in economics and management. He studied coaching and neuro-linguistic programming at the College of Social Sciences (the Cross Border Business Coaching Programme), Baltic Coaching Centre (Leader as a Coach), (the NLP Practitioner’s Course conducted by Vidas Jankauskas), and Makani Academy (the NLP Coach Master Programme accredited by the ICTA). He has versatile experience in working as a teacher, marketing manager and director. Good organisational skills; teamwork; more than 17 years of experience in leadership; and experience in marketing and promotional project management. His first acquaintance with business dates back to 1990. Vygandas has tried out different types of business: furniture weaving, computer game parlour, video rental shops, video recording services, advertising development, fast food production and sale. He is one of those fortunate people who happens to be in the right place at the right time.


Saulius Kromalcas / Marketing

Saulius Kromalcas is a language communication auditor, a lecturer, the Head of the Department of Tourism and Hotel Administration of the College of Utena, a consultant at the Regional Science Park of the Kaunas University of Technology and a doctoral candidate at the Kaunas University of Technology who lectures and conducts business seminars.




Evelina Tamulaitienė / Social Media

Evelina Tamulaitienė is the founder of SEO AKADEMIJA (the Academy of Search Engine Optimisation) and a lecturer in search engine optimisation and online marketing. She has 15 years of experience in the area of online marketing: a long experience in working as a marketing director for information technology companies and a successful experience in working with export markets. Having turned her hobby and love for the Internet and information management into business, she conducts group and individual seminars on search engine optimisation, creates websites, curates and develops web projects, provides search engine optimisation services under the SEO MAMA brand name to Lithuanian, Russian and other European markets, writes articles and various texts, supplies conventional marketing services under the MINI ENGEL Marketing Agency brand name, and also is the founder of the ACADEMY OF WRITERS and the editor-in-chief of versloistorijos.lt portal.

Saulius Kromalcas / Marketing

Justas Ramanauskas is the finance director of UAB „Vikstata“. Previously, he was the managing director of UAB „Vikeda“, the administrative director of AB „Audimas“ and the finance director of AB „Krekenavos agrofirma“. Justas is responsible for cash flow and loan portfolio management, project assessments and Finance Department activities, and gives lectures on various business management subjects at the ISM University of Management and Economics.



Lidija Laurinciukiene / Product development

Lidija Laurinčiukienė is a journalist (with 15 years of work experience, which includes: the commentator and deputy editor-in-chief of the weekly publication Dialogas (The Dialogue), the editor-in-chief of the monthly publication Mokykla (The School) and the editor-in-chief of the publication Švietimo naujienos (Education News)). She is also an educational, business and non-governmental organization consultant (on such issues as a company’s image, public relations, communication with mass media, leadership and team building). Lidija conducts qualification upgrading seminars for public officials on the following topics: an organization’s image development, public relations management, effective business communication, organisational culture, time management, leadership and team building, self-esteem development, business eloquence, communication with mass media, critical incident stress management. She is also the coordinator and organiser of various events and projects, and the moderator of public round table discussions/debates. Lidija is a publisher, co-author of several books, author and compiler, and creator of video tutorials. For two years (2005-2006) she was the Advisor to the Minister of Science and Education and for 15 years she worked as a lecturer at higher education institutions, which included: Vilniaus Pedagogical University, Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius College, Vilnius University, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre and other higher education schools. In 2010 Lidija was nominated as Lithuania’s Fairest Lecturer of the Year 2010 by the Lithuanian Union of Student Representative Bodies. She has practical experience in business management: the deputy director of UAB “Polilogas” and the director of IĮ “HENLIS”.

Rita Baidokaite / Exporting

Rita Baidokaitė coordinates international projects and international relations at the Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, and consults companies on subjects related to customer search, international market expansion, purposeful preparation for participation in events organized by business contacts and communication strategies for foreign market entry.



Ruta Klimasauskiene / Mentoring Circle™, Business Model Canvas

Rūta Klimašauskienė is a professional lecturer and instructor, coaching specialist (the International Coach Federation accreditation), certified consultant on development of creativity and the doctor of social sciences. The main purpose of her training courses is to help participants discover their potential and to transfer their theoretical knowledge to everyday activities by building and developing communication, team work, emotional intelligence, leadership, problem solving and creative thinking skills. Her training courses receive favourable feedback because she has the ability to consider individual characteristics of learning, conveys knowledge in an attractive and unconventional manner, engages participants and encourages them to involve themselves in the learning process. Rūta constantly expands her knowledge and is interested in the latest developments in psychology, neuroscience and promotion of creativity.




Isabel Contreras Ocaña – Mentoring Circles / Business Strategy / Product Development / Social Media

She has a degree in Economics and a Degree in Law by the University of Granada. Having worked for several public and private organisations, she has gained more than 12 years of professional experience in the management of EU funded projects and in the applied research in the Education and Employment fields. Being EU project manager both at the Union of Professionals and Self-Employed workers of Spain and also in the Association of Self-Employed and entrepreneur Women of Madrid, she has gained a broad expertise in business creation and the competences for become entrepreneur. Thanks to the experience acquired in the different EU project that she has participated, she has a good knowledge of social media for small business so she was in charge of social media workshop.


Gemma Puertas Rodriguez – Mentoring Circles / Business Strategy / Product Development / Marketing

She hold a university degree in statistics and a degree in Research and Market Analysis Techniques. More recently she completed a Master in Business Innovation in SMEs so she has a great knowledge on business innovation techniques including design thinking for product development. She also is expert is marketing and has more than 12 years of experience in market analysis and research.




Paz Pérez Pernas – Marketing

Paz Pérez is specialist in online and offline communication, digital contents and TV, social media and communication training and coaching. She has been Communication Director at Google Spain and Portugal, Communication Adviser in the National Secretary of Commerce and Tourism in the Ministry of Economy, Press officer at Ford Spain and Seat-Wolkswagen and TV manager during the 92 Olympics in Barcelona. She has international experience in USA and Latin America as correspondent of the EFE press Agency. She has a Degree in Journalism by the University Complutense of Madrid and a Master in Journalism by the University Autonoma of Madrid. She got a Fulbright grant for TV journalism in New York. Recently she started her own communication and marketing company that also offer specialized training in this areas. She has delivered training in communication, social media and online marketing to more than 1500 SMEs across Spain through Chambers of commerce, business association and other institutions.


Ignacio Bartolomé – Export

He has a degree in Audio-visual communication by the European University of Madrid and a Master in Foreign Trade by the University Rey Juan Carlos. He is CEO at How2Go International, a business devoted to international trade and business development. He is also teacher of the Master in International Business Management at the University Carlos III of Madrid. Previously, he was International Trade Advisor at the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid so he has a great knowledge on all the practical aspects of exports.




Roberto Martín Rubio – Accountacy and Finance

He has a degree in Law by the University Carlos III of Madrid. He is Business Manager at SerdomasSistemas SLL. He regularly collaborate with Business and Self-Employed associations so he has a great knowledge on all the legal and fiscal aspects of self-employed workers.






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