GO4IT in Lithuania

The GO4IT program held in Lithuania from the 14th of April to 2nd of June, 2015. The application forms were filled out on the project website, other 3 registered by telephone. In the end we received 23 applications. After reviewing 16 were approved. 14 participants participated fully in the program, and 5 for individual modules.

A total of 9 training sessions with 4 mentoring circles meetings were held during the sessions. The program was held in the premises of Kaunas Science and Technology Park (K. Petrausko str. 26, Kaunas). Each session lasted from 9 am to 16 pm and the sessions were in Lithuanian. 

The lesson content was followed with minor changes of training sessions (matching target group needs and trainers availability on certain dates). Logical sequence of training programme was respected.


14th of April

Introduction to Programme GO4IT

Mentoring Circle™

Facilitators: Vaiva Kelmelyte, Birute Velykiene, Vygandas Rutkauskas


21st of April

Mentoring Circle™

Facilitators: Birute Velykiene, Vygandas Rutkauskas


30th of April

Marketing. Creating and communicating added value 

Facilitator: Saulius Kromalcas


5th of May

Business strategy: Constellation 

Facilitator: Vygandas Rutkauskas

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7th of May

Internet and Social Media 

Facilitator: Evelina Tamulaitiene


12th of May

Accountancy and Finance

Facilitator: Justas Ramanauskas


21st of May

Product development: innovative solutions and creativity 

Facilitator: Lidija Laurinciukiene

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26th of May

Exporting: main steps 

Facilitator: Rita Baidokaite


2nd of June

Mentoring Circle™ 

Business canvas: drawing your business map

Facilitators: Vaiva Kelmelyte, Ruta Klimasauskiene


Female entrepreneurs were motivated to get valuable knowledge that they could use practically in their business: how they could develop and advertise their product, use international experience, find business partners and customers abroad. Expectations were fully met.

Here are some comments from the participants:

  • I’ve received valuable information about marketing and social media, and I am more motivated and ambitious about my business.
  • GO4IT course helped me to be more self-confident. I’ve received support from trainers and course participants. 
  • I have improved my communication skills, and also improved my business communication. 
  • The knowledge I’ve gained is crucial for starting my business. 
  • Now I see many ways, how I could expand my knowledge (also expand my business). 
  • GO4IT programme was very concentrated and practical. 
  • I am more motivated. 
  • I have made important changes in my business strategy and I believe will help to avoid some mistakes in the future. 
  • I became more open-minded and creative. Also I made more contacts and connections. 
  • I’ve got new insights about company finances and met new business partners. 
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