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FEMALE aims to support women entrepreneurs across Europe that has recently started their business, to strengthen skills and competences, both in terms of hard and soft skills. We aim at encouraging women to start up their business, by giving them access to practical information and to strengthen networking by offering them to join the social media forum.

Who are we?

FEMALE is run by a consortium of organizations across five European countries that are working together to support and develop female entrepreneurship across Europe. Five countries are involved: VMST and Bifröst Business school in Iceland, Inova in UK, KRIC in Lithuania, ATAEM in Spain and Viteco Italy.

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The percentage of women owned companies in Europe is only 30% on average which means that the skills and competencie of women are not utilized to the fullest in the labour market. As a consequence, fewer jobs are created, the unemployment rate stays high and employment of women in many countries are low. The crisis has put these facts into perspective, and more women entrepreneurs are needed to increase growth and create jobs.


What will we do ?

FEMALE is a project that aims at bridging the skills and competencies gap that women entrepreneurs in Iceland, Spain, Lithuania and UK face. We aim to increase hard skills knowledge (marketing, product development, finance, tax and accountancy, exporting and web2.0 and social media) and soft skills, using the methodology of mentoring circles and entrepreneurship and job creation, addressing the unemployment issues the partner countries are facing.

In January 2015 we will offer women in Iceland, Spain, Lithuania and UK to join the program GO4IT, where they will learn how to expand their businesses and how to strengthen their self – esteem. Other women will benefit by joining our website, and get access to the GO4IT modules and our social media where they can connect to other women across Europe.

The website will also have a practical handbook for women entrepreneurs which will be published in 2015.

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