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UAB Berklis set up in 2013 (but the activity is carried out for 15 years)







Entrepreneur: Evelina Tamulaitienė

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What we do

Berklis – external marketing department and marketing agency providing traditional marketing, SEO, internet marketing, public relations, inbound, outbound marketing services.

SEO MAMA – SEO services agency. Fully optimized web pages to search engines from-to both to Lithuanian and foreign markets (UK, EU, RU, Sweden, Norway, etc.).

SEO AKADEMIJA – SEO, online marketing, public relations training agency.

Looking for:

Customers who are aware of the benefits of an external marketing department, 3 in 1 principle of workers' (traditional marketing specialist, SEO and internet marketing expert, public relations specialist for a one worker's salary).


BERKLIS – We offer to save by hiring 3-in-1 marketing staff as an external marketing department service.

SEO MAMA – The doubling of traffic to your website and increase sales of a minimum of 45%.

SEO AKADEMIJA – We offer to learn yourselves become visible on the Internet and be constantly one step ahead than your competitor. SEO Akademija is announcing early registration rates, so we invite you to subscribe to a newsletter, and keep track of the shares, which are up to 50%.

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