UAB “Alfa idėjos ir technologijos”

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UAB “Alfa idėjos ir technologijos”

Set up in 2009







Entrepreneur: Rūta Klimašauskienė



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What we do

Our company Alpha Ideas and technologies ( is providing consultancy services and experiential workshops for companies, teachers and individuals:

  • For companies we provide coaching and cosultancy services and organize workshops in the field of talent management, emotional intelligence development, creative problem solving, creativity, effective communication, change management, intercultural communication, the implementation of coaching culture, career management, public speaking, etc. also organize different motivational and team building events for the employees of different companies. We also provide training courses for internal trainers in organisations.
  • For teachers and educational staff provides workshops regarding competence development, effective teaching methods, fostering creative thinking, motivation raising, implementing coaching philosophy into educational practice.
  • For individuals and young people organizes seminars and workshops in the field of personal development, goal achievement, career management, etc. A part of this target group is young people seeking to find their career path, know themselves better and achieve certain goals in their life. organises experiential workshops for young people based on art therapy, creative thinking and coaching techniques, and provides the services of career counceling.
  • For business starters organizes workshops and provides consultancy services regarding the business plan development and design of business model.

Our focus is the development of long term learning programmes with impact on skill development and everyday teamwork results. Newest researches in psychology and neurosciences are at the core of our workshops and long term learning programmes. team unites professional coaches, psychologist, experts of educational sciences, also experienced project managers. Our team works with well known international tools and instruments, e.g., Points of You, ARTbundance, FourSight, Business Canvas Model, etc. We also work with a few tools developed by our experts (e.g., FIT4 model for career coaching and talent management in particular).

Looking for:

Business partners in the field of in-house training and teambuilding


Special offer for long-term team-building program "New Start: Burning Eyes": 30 percent discount for a program and a free primary study of team development needs.

“New start: Burning Eyes" is the most recent neuropsychological research and SCARF model based on co-operation to strengthen the skills and talent cultivation program for the company's ambition to bring together a cohesive, motivated and efficient team.

How it works:

1. We examine your team needs for improvement in specific areas (eg., better mutual understanding, trust, task delegation and so on.).

2. Create precisely to your team relevant development program. As we seek to develop your team's real skills, there’s a lot of focus in the program on experiential learning (by doing).

3. We combine activities with the skills and mentoring support system elements, when between activities, the team members perform specific tasks, helping to strengthen the necessary skills.

4. We provide feedback on the follow-team development opportunities and trends.

The program is balanced for teams working together for three years and more, as well as the very young, but fast growing teams.

The offer is valid until 12.31.2015

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