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To take advantage of the Female Network of female business owners, we have put together a Catalogue to showcase the amazing and exciting businesses of our fempreneurs. We hope you enjoy it and that this will be a great start for your networking and business trading!

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Paz Gómez Expósito




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What we do

  • Civil funerals: Through a personalized interview, Dpaz helps clients to develop a personalized farewell ceremony thinking only about that special person who just passes away and in everybody who loves her/him and they are crying their lost.
  • To pay tribute to somebody. Sometimes and despite of organizing a civil or religious funeral, people has the necessity to organize another civil ceremony. Perhaps to commemorate an special date (one year of their lost or only for to pay tribute to those loved ones in a positive atmosphere to remember the person who passed away among family and friends (her/his way of being, her/his phrases, hobbies,...) Dpaz helps clients to organize this ceremony.


  • Administrative procedures. The own experience says that when you have just lost a loved person, your mind is not ready to do any kind of administrative procedures (banking or notarial transactions,...). Dpaz helps clients with these tasks

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She works together with the customer to organize a cozy ceremony in which they can remember their loved ones: listening to their music, watching pictures, giving them a space to say a few words about them... everything is done to help them to alleviate the huge suffering for the loss of their loved ones.

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