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Companie: Þuríður sundafyllir ehf    EntrpeneurSoffía Vagnsdóttir and Guðrún Stella Gissurardóttir


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We would like to connect with you to market our products as well as to possibly expand some of our business ideas together with you. We would be interested to explore further connections with other entrepreneurs that could assist us in marketing our products in Norway.  


The CompanyÞuríður sundafyllir

Þuríður sundafyllir ehf. was established on the International Women's Day, March 8th. 2014. Our company produces cultural souvenirs based on the history of the female entrepeneur Þuríður sundafyllir. According to the Book of settlement (Landnámabók), Þuríður sundafyllir was one of the Norse settlers of Iceland. As a sorceress, she gained her epithet „sundafyllir" (filler of sounds) during a famine in Norway, when she used her magic powers to fill the fjords with fish. She then moved to Iceland and settled in Bolungarvík, where she repeated her magic. There she sold the farmers access to these fishing grounds in exchange for sheep and she became quite wealthy. Legend has it that her fortune is in a chest on the bottom of lake Syðridalsvatn. Þuríður was a single mother and had a son named Völu-Steinn.  Our first product is a cup, decorated with runes which include her initials Þ and S as well as runes for leadership, insight and power. The design of the cups is based on those used in Þuríður’s days. They come hand packed in a small chest with a copy of her story and could very well be combined with our second product, a herbal tea packed in handmade bags and blended exclusively from handpicked Icelandic herbs. A third product is a children’s book about Þuríður and her son Völu-steinn and their adventurous journey by knarr from Hálogaland in Norway  to Iceland. Scholars have argued that the famous pagan poem Völuspá might have been started by Þuríður and finished by her son Völu-Steinn.  


Company: Þuríður sundafyllir ehf 

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