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Companie: Sparta heilsurækt   Entrpeneur: Sigríður Þórdís Sigurðardóttir

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We are always looking for a business connection where we can import any product related to health and good lifestyle.


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Sparta Heilsurækt (Sparta healthgym). Home away from home where you can come and get your workout with the people you really have fun with. It’s a no frills all fun place to sweat, smileand break out of your comfort zone. We strive to get people to understand that they can do and be so much more than they think, the workout is just a way to get people to understand that. 

Workouts are functional based meaning that they are meant to challenge the body in ways it’s used in everyday life.



Copanies name: Sparta heilsurækt 


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Twitter: spartakopavogi


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