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Companie: Raven´s Bed and Breakfast   Entrpeneur:  Hulda Sveins

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I would like to connect with you in order to have a better chance of marketing my company www.ravensbnb.is in your country. It also makes for a much nice and smaller world. I also designed and own the patent to another idea which is: www.keilirpillow.com. An award winning pillow that I would lke to introduce to people that need more support around the head and neck area, made from Memory Foam and great for  those that would like to enjoy a more restful sleep at home and away as the pillow only weighs only 400 grams. 


The CompanyRavens bnb

Ravenbnb is a unique guesthouse, situated in a 100 year old cow house also called a byre

that has been renovated into a cozy 6 room guesthouse located in Njardvik (Reykjanesbær), only 7 minutes from the International airport, overlooking the ocean on one side, creative community and lava on the other and Blue Lagoon just 15 minutes drive away. This is the perfect place to stay in Iceland, always something hot in the morning to include the continental breakfast between 08:00 and 10:00 and all homemade. Many of the items in the bedrooms were found in the byre/cow house at the beginning of the renovation. Wooden beams and ancient artifacts is what decorates this whole house, with stairs going up to two bedrooms and a wooden bridge overlooking the open space kitchen and dining area.  There 6 bedrooms are located on two levels, each with their own unique design and details. On ground level you will find 4 bedrooms, two showers, dining area, a conservatory, a patio onto where the hot tub/jacuzzi is and garden all around the house. The two quad. Rooms are located on the second floor with a “bridge” closing the whole house. All rooms have black-out-blinds and beds with comforters. TV and wireless internet included on premises, Ravenbnb is unlike any other guesthouse, renovated with love and care, a great find whether it is a long or short stay, your first and last day in Iceland.


Copanies name: Raven´s Bed and Breakfast

Webpage: www.ravensbnb.is and www.keilirpillow.com

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ravensbnb?fref=ts  


Raven´s Bed and Breakfast KeilirPillow Hulda Sveins

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