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To take advantage of the Female Network of female business owners, we have put together a Catalogue to showcase the amazing and exciting businesses of our fempreneurs.  We hope you enjoy it and that this will be a great start for your networking and business trading!

Enjoy! Go ahead and get started.





Snorkelingsheep set up in 2014









Entrepreneur: Louisa Jane Harris







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What we do



Artist & Illustrator creating and selling an illustrative giftware range at markets and events, online and in stockists.


Also doing public and private commissions, and exhibiting in galleries.


Looking for:

Other artists or creatives to collaborate with.

Illustration opportunities.

Stockists for products.

Galleries to show work.



Commissions & bespoke Illustrations

A range of giftware products

Drawing & creative workshops

1:1 lessons

Product/Services Images





Social Media

Twitter: @snorkelingsheep

Facebook: Snorkelingsheep Illustrations

LinkedIn: Louisa Harris




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