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Kaunas Regional Development Agency

Kaunas Regional Development Agency  is a non-profit non-governmental organization, acting under the Law of public establishments. Founded on 7th, December 2000 by 8 Municipalities of Kaunas region; Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, KTU Regional Science Park, the Agency is responsible for organizing activities for sustainable and balanced development of Kaunas region, consolidating and coordinating activities of scientific, technical-technological, creative, innovative, entrepreneurial potential and local governmental institutions of Kaunas region. The Agency has extensive international cooperation experience and stimulates local and international interregional cooperation. The main tasks and activities of the Agency are to initiate, prepare, coordinate and implement regional development programmes and projects; to implement EU Regional policy by participating in international interregional cooperation and other programmes and projects; to disseminate information about regional development programmes and initiatives in the region; to coordinate activities of organizations and institutions operating in the field of social and economic regional development within the limits of our expertise; to prepare, implement and administer projects; to prepare regional strategic development documents; to provide consultations on project preparation and management, issues of public procurement, searching for funding sources; to organize qualification trainings for public institutions and private companies.


Website: www.krda.lt


The Professionals and Self-employed Workers Union of Spain  UPTA is an organisation working to promote the interests of the self-employed and entrepreneurs within Spain, and has, among others, the following objectives:

  • Representing the needs of associates and members to Government and Policy Makers
  • Promoting equal treatment and opportunities for women and men in the social, cultural, professional and economical sector
  • Representing the needs of the disabled, immigrants, unemployed over 45 years, women and young people in the labour market
  • Undertake comprehensive actions to help achieve emancipation in both the social and economic sector for young people
  • Promote social and economic development in rural areas.
  • Promoting economic associations and the internationalization of business activity individually
  • Promote training, in order to contribute to an improvement of the professional qualification, management skills and employability of autonomous entrepreneurs.

Last year, UPTA joined the Strategy for Entrepreneurship and Youth Employment 2013/2016 promoted by the Government, and it has became one of the main guidelines for the Strategy for action of our organization in the next years, since our main commitment is not only support our associates for improving their professional conditions but promoting entrepreneurship and the growth of self-employment in Spain. 




The National Association of Entrepreneur and Self-Employed Women – ANMEYA 

ANMEYA is a non profit association established in 2012 composed of entrepreneur and self-employed women. 

Since its establishment, ANMEYA assist to their associates in all the different socio labour aspects, acting as a conciliator in any collective action that may arise, and representing the interest of the self-employed women at national, European and international level. 

ANMEYA works to defend the socio economic and professional rights of the female citizens and self-employed workers regardless of race, political opinions or religious beliefs. 

Among their most important priorities there are the boost of the socio economic development of women in the rural areas, promoting all type of activities for self-employed women, fostering entrepreneurship and the take-up of ICT. 

ANMEYA also focus their work on the target group of immigrant women, promoting self-employment and entrepreneurship, fostering an entrepreneurial culture, the development of economic associations, the professional training and certifications to provide immigrant women homologations with suitable qualification with the aim of improving their employability and promoting their economic, social and cultural integration. 

ANMEYA also joined the Strategy for Entrepreneurship and Youth Employment 2013/2016, an initiative of the General Directorate of Self-Employment, Social Economy and Social Responsibility of Businesses (Ministry of Employment and Social Security) addressed to promote the integration of young people into the labour market.  




The North-West Union of Local Authorities  (acronym SSNV).  SSNV is the cooperation platform for seven local authorities in Iceland’s North-West Region. SSNV board members are appointed by the local authorities. 

SSNV’s major fields of operation include: Services to entrepreneurs and local businesses; various tasks in the interest of the region’s residents; supporting different types of cultural events and projects, and handling the regional Growth Development Fund. 

In addition it is active in regional policy planning, parliament/government bills are referred to the union for comments, and it administers public transport within the region on behalf of the national government.  


Website: www.ssnv.is

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