female is run by a consortium of five organisations working in the field of education and training, with an emphasis on women’s issues.

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The Directorate of Labour in Iceland is the project leader. The directorate provides services for unemployed people in Iceland. It has two projects specifically aimed at women entrepreneurs. Annually the Directorate provides grants to women entrepreneurs with good business ideas and projects. These grants are awarded by the Ministry of Welfare. Also, the Directorate manages Svanni-Loan Guarantee Fund for three owners, The Ministry of Welfare, The Ministry of Industries and Innovation and the City of Reykjavík. The fund is open for women who run companies, and they can apply for loans with the guarantee from the fund and Landsbankinn.

Ásdís Guðmundsdóttir

Guðrún Stella Gissurardóttir


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Inova Consultancy provides a flexible consultancy service that responds to the needs of organisations and individuals internationally in the area of diversity, equal opportunities and entrepreneurship. Inova has extensive experience in the development and delivery of mentoring and personal development programmes both in the UK and on an international level for women. Inova has developed the Mentoring Circles™ methodology, supporting different target groups in their career and enterprise development across Europe. Inova holds the Presidency of WITEC, the first European association for Women in SET (Science, Engineering and Technology) based in 10 European countries with 20 years of experience.

Marina Larios

Carolyn Usher

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Association of entrepreneur and self-employed woman was founded in 2002 as an Association of entrepreneurs and professional self employed woman. Its main goal is to support self-employed women and to represent them to claim for their rights and their socio economic and professional interests. The association currently has more than one thousand associates and offer them all type of services include advice, guidance, training on how to start up and run their businesses. The Association actively work in the promotion of female entrepreneurship and self-employment, working in collaboration with public and private entities in the framework of different programmes and initiatives, and paying special attention to those women with special needs, pertaining to more disadvantaged social groups.

Isabel Contreras Ocaña

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Kaunas Science and Technology Park (Kaunas STP) – is a public institution established in 1998 with an intention to increase an efficiency of research and development (R&D) activities at Kaunas University of Technology and Kaunas region. Today Kaunas Science and Technology Park is the largest partner of science and business cooperation in this Baltic country. It is the only Science Park in Lithuania with business incubation facilities, Technology Demonstration Centre on site. Kaunas Science and Technology Park has more than 15 years of experience in assisting and supporting innovative and technology-oriented SMEs, start-up and spin-off companies in Kaunas region and Lithuania. It has performed such roles as Assistant in E-Learning to innovative SMEs, Mediator of 500 Business Partnerships, Author of Regional Innovation Strategy, Facilitator of newly established businesses, Connector of different generation activities in Innovative Space Creation, and National Coordinator for the EU-scale Spatial Data project and many more. Kaunas Science and Technology Park services include business and technology transfer consultancy, technical-administrative services, organization of workshops and training courses for entrepreneurs, access to laboratories of Kaunas University of Technology. Training is one of priority activities for Kaunas Science and Technology Park foreseen in its strategic plan and goals. Kaunas STP organizes and provides more than 20 information events during a year, about 10 training workshop cycles for SMEs and entrepreneurs and whose, who want to start their own business. Kaunas STP has perfect abilities to provide training seminars and workshops for entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs and all needed technical assistance. 

Birute Velykiene

Vaiva Kelmelyte

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VITECO is a company that offers a complete range of solutions for distance learning aimed at transfer skills and competencies. From the development of e-learning platforms to the production of multimedia courses, each creation is designed matching innovation and usability.

It is provider of technologies for long-distance training and it is leader in e-learning sector in south Italy, having its own e-learning platform and has a solid expertise on open source platform Dokeos. Its core business is based on VET, development of web-based solutions for collaborative learning and educational content management. Its expertise has been acquired also through participation in several Regional and EU projects.

Thanks to the experiences gained throughout the years in the domain of knowledge and content management, VITECO developed simple and intelligent platforms which give the different type of users access to a great variety of contents and to the “e-learning experience” without requiring specific IT competences.

Andrea Zalabaiova

Federica Lo Cascio


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Bifröst University

Bifröst University (BU) is a direct descendant of the Cooperative School, founded in Reykjavik Iceland in 1918 and became Bifröst University in 2006. Today BU is an institution of considerable diversity, which offers its students quality training in business, law, and social sciences, and prepares them for positions of responsibility and leadership both in Iceland and abroad. Besides academic studies, BU operates a department of Life Long Learning programmes and has run a successful programme „Empowering Women“ since 2003, which aims at empowering female entrepreneurs to-be. Bifröst University is active in research and has participated in various research projects, funded by EU. BU takes part in United Nations programme called PRIME, the Principles of Responsible Management Education. Today the number of students in Bifröst University is around 1300 students.

Emma Björg Eyjólfsdóttir

Magnús Smári Snorrason

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